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Sat 20 Dec 2014 @ 10:12

New at the bookshop - In God's Hands by Desmond Tutu:



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Publisher: SCM Press
ISBN-13: 9780334040590
Published: 28/06/2006
Product description
The SCM Theological Commentary Series on the Bible is a groundbreaking series that recovers classical theological commentary for the 21st century church. The commentaries presuppose the doctrinal tradition of the Christian church as a living and reliable basis for exegesis and are born out of the conviction that dogma clarifies rather than obscures. All 40 volumes will be authored by scholars whose primary expertise is systematic, historical or moral theology. The series is intended for those working in the ministry as well as academics, providing them with guidance in reading the Bible under the rule of the Christian faith. Leaders of the classical church -Augustine, Aquinas, Calvin - read and interpreted the Bible theologically. They were convinced that the Bible witnesses to the gospel of Jesus Christ, and they assumed that the doctrinal tradition of the church can serve as a living and reliable guide for exegesis. This series begins the recovery of such practice by enlisting leading theologians to read and interpret scripture for the 21st century, just as the church fathers, the Reformers, and other orthodox Christians did.
Product Reviews

"This commentary augurs well for the series as a whole. (...) Pelikan makes judicious use of his perhaps unsurpassed knowledge of the Christian tradition as he draws on the work of other theologians as well as his own sound judgement to move from verses in Acts to discussions of a range of theological topics. (...) The SCM-Canturbury Press are to be thanked for making this handsome volume available at a very reasonable price." Andrew Gregory, Chaplain of University College, Oxford. The Church of England Newspaper, September 8, 2006.

"A most valuable book - a companion perhaps rather more than a commentary...A wonderful act of faithful elucidation and reflection - the work of a genuine theologian". New Directions, March 2007

Author Information

Jaroslav Pelikan

Dr Jaroslav Pelikan is Sterling Professor Emeritus of History at Yale University. His previous works include The Christian Tradition: A History of the Development of Doctrine and Jesus Through the Centuries.

Extended Information

Also in the series:R. R. Reno (Creighton University) on GenesisJohn Behr (St. Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary) on ExodusEphraim Radner (Ascension Episcopal Church, Pueblo, CO) on LeviticusDavid Stubbs (Western Theological Seminary) on NumbersTelford Work (Westmont College) on DeuteronomyJohn Franke (Biblical Theological Seminary) on JoshuaStephen Fowl (Loyola College, Maryland) and Samuel Wells (Duke University) on Ruth & EstherFrancesca Aran Murphy (University of Aberdeen) on 1 SamuelPeter Leithart (New St. Andrews College) on 1 & 2 KingsScott Hahn (St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology) on ChroniclesMatthew Levering (Ave Maria University) on Ezra & NehemiahDavid Burrell (University of Notre Dame) on JobEllen Charry (Princeton Theological Seminary) and Anne Astell (Purdue University) on Psalms Daniel Treier (Wheaton College) on Proverbs & EcclesiastesPaul Griffiths (University of Illinois at Chicago) on Song of SongsKevin Vanhoozer (Trinity Evangelical Divinity School) on JeremiahRobert Jenson (Center of Theological Inquiry) on EzekielGeorge Sumner (Wycliffe College, Toronto) on DanielPhillip Cary (Eastern University) on JonahStanley Hauerwas (Duke University) on MatthewJohn Michael McDermott (Pontifical College Josephinum, Columbus, OH) on MarkDavid Lyle Jeffrey (Baylor University) on LukeBruce Marshall (Southern Methodist University) on JohnDavid Yeago (Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary) on RomansBernd Wannenwetsch (Oxford University) on 1 & 2 CorinthiansKathryn Greene-McCreight (Yale University Divinity School) on GalatiansJohn Webster (King's College, Aberdeen) on EphesiansGeorge Hunsinger (Princeton University) on PhilippiansChristopher Seitz (University of St. Andrews) on ColossiansDouglas Farrow (McGill University) on 1 & 2 ThessaloniansRisto Saarinen (University of Helsinki) on 1 & 2 TimothyDavid Hart (University of Virginia) on HebrewsTimothy George (Beeson Divinity School, Samford University) on JamesDouglas Harink (The King's University College) on 1 & 2 PeterMichael Root (Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary) on 1, 2, & 3 JohnGeoffrey Wainwright (Duke University) on Revelation

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