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Thu 18 Dec 2014 @ 12:47

Ideas for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity next month: #WPCU2015

Theology and Sexuality

Classic and Contemporary Readings


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ISBN-13: 9780631212768
Published: 07/12/2001
Product description
This much-needed volume draws on a wide range of resources and brings together a collection of leading scholars in the field to examine debates about theology and sexuality. Material is drawn from a variety of ancient, medieval, modern and contemporary texts to provide readers with a broad perspective on the issues discussed. Theology and Sexuality takes on one of the most controversial contemporary theological issues, providing new insights into Christian arguments about the body. Discussions cover homosexuality, the meaning and perception of the body in community, and the fittingness of the Christian tradition for marriage-like homosexual relationships. The Reader includes work from theologians and ethicists on both sides of the theology and sexuality debate, avoiding the tired conservative-liberal impasse by organizing selections under theological rubrics like christology, trinity, anthropology, and church. An introductory essay provides a useful overview of the debate and explains the relevance of the selected readings. Both classical and contemporary resources are represented within this volume. Contemporary contributors include theologians, historians, and philosophers, such as Marilyn Adams, Stanley Hauerwas, Mark Jordan, Andrew Sullivan, and Rowan Williams, making it the definitive Reader in this field. Students of all the humanities can benefit from better understanding how Christians relate such central issues as Christ, Trinity, and humanity to contemporary debates about sexuality, marriage, and homosexuality. As a result, this volume will be an invaluable resource.
Product Reviews

"Sexuality is a bitterly contested territory for many, probably most, Christians these days, and the climate of rather frantic controversy hasn't encourage a really theological debate. Here is a first-class resource for such debate, not propagandising, but setting out a broad spectrum of reflection on the issues that underlie the sniping of sexual politics - reflection on the meanings of the body itself for Christians, within a richly informed and traditionally literate framework. It is very welcome." Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Wales and Bishop of Monmouth "The readings offer thoughtful reflections on the meanings of the body, homosexuality, marriage, and the interpretation of scripture. The book should inform the debate in a helpful way." Church Times "Those seeking information to guide them around the contemporary debate in the church about sexuality will welcome the publication of Theology and Sexuality." Expository Times "...a valuable resource for anyone who wants to think through the fundamental questions it poses: 'What does God want with sex, anyway?'" The Way

Author Information

Eugene F. Rogers

Eugene F. Rogers is Associate Professor of Philosophical Theology and Chair of the Program in Theology, Ethics and Culture in the Department of Religious Studies at the University of Virginia, Charlottesville. His previous publications include Thomas Aquinas and Karl Barth (1995) and Sexuality and the Christian Body (Blackwell Publishers, 1999).

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