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Wed 17 Dec 2014 @ 16:06

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Incredible Journey

Christmas from Genesis to Jesus


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ISBN-13: 9780857460035
Published: 24/11/2011
Product description
The Bible presents the ultimate adventure - God's incredible, personal journey to the human race, which he loves with an amazing love, despite its repeated rejection of him. The story culminates in the coming of Jesus Christ, the incarnate God, in the events we celebrate every Christmas. This book of readings for Advent and Christmas shows how Jesus has come to take us home to God, no matter what our starting point. However lost or losing it we may feel, however confused or confounded, injured by life or broken by circumstances, here is God's astonishing invitation to join him for the rest of our journey, from here to eternity. When we embark on the road of life with him, we discover we never walk alone. The Incredible Journey contains Bible readings and reflections for every day from 1 December - 6 January.
Product Reviews

Reviewed by Christian Marketplace - October 2011 The BRF Advent Book for 2011 is The Incredible Journey by Steve Brady. The book unashamedly takes the same title as the book and film of the same name and Brady, Principal of Moorlands Bible College, Does indeed take readers on a journey - from 'Genesis to Jesus'. The book provides material for individual and group study from 1st December to 6th January and starts with Genesis 1. I've only seen material for the first section but it looks like a study which will be time well spent. If you want a book that sums up the story of the Bible from Alpha to Omega in just under 200 pages, then this is the one! The subtitle is 'Christmas from Genesis to Jesus', and it does exactly what it says on the tin. Although this was the Bible Reading Fellowship's recommended read for Advent, it is a book that deserves to be read at any time of year. Theologian Dr Brady, Principal of Moorlands College, Dorset, has a most compelling style of writing. I found myself reading it not day by day, but in large chunks, as I was intrigued by his original approach to the whole sequence of events, from Genesis to Revelation. What is particularly appealing is how Dr Brady connects biblical teaching with modern events, people and icons. He refers to Match of the Day, Star Wars and even Bob the Builder. And he makes effective use of anecdotes, most notably the wonderful story of the 33 Chilean miners' rescue in March 2010. He also weaves in edifying experiences from his own life. Each daily reading has, on average, a page from scripture, followed by two or three pages of commentary, and then a Reflection, which can take the form of a prayer, words from a hymn or the Bible, or a challenging question for consideration. The author also supplies a useful Study Guide at the back, providing helpful material for group study. There is a welcome freshness in the titles of the five sections, all relating to the concept of the Journey: Starting out (creation); Crashing badly (temptation, death, hope); Detouring often (patriarchs & prophets); Arriving on time (the Incarnation); Journeying on (Revelation); and Homeward bound (new heaven & new earth). This freshness of approach is evident throughout the book. The Postscript is the author's response to astronomer, Carl Sagan's, commentary on the view of planet earth, as seen from the Voyager 1 spacecraft on the very edge of our Solar System: 'the resulting image captured earth as a tiny point of light, a pale blue dot only 0.12 pixels in size...' Dr Brady finds much food for thought here: a truly inspiring finale! This book asks to be read by every professing Christian, young and old, for its sincere and accessible teaching, its wisdom, and for its uplifting message; it should certainly not be left to languish in the six-week slot from Advent to Epiphany. I, for one, will be reading it again very soon. Helen Long

Author Information

Steve Brady

The Revd Dr Steve Brady is Principal of Moorlands College, Dorset, where he also teaches Theology and New Testament Greek. He is a trustee of Keswick Ministries and has also written King of Heaven, Lord of Earth (Authentic, 2003), All You Need Is Christ (Authentic, 2007) and Affirming Your Faith (NCT, 2009), a ten-part study of the Apostles' Creed available on DVD.

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