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Fri 19 Dec 2014 @ 15:21

New orders placed online will now be sent after Christmas. You can still visit us in London - open as usual Monday & Tuesday next week.

Whole Life, Whole Bible

50 Readings on Living in the Light of Scripture

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ISBN-13: 9780857460172
Published: 20/01/2012
Product description
Where we spend most of our time - at home, at work, in the neighbourhood - matters to God and to his mission in and for the world. Far from restricting our faith to the 'personal' sphere, disengaged from everyday living, Scripture encourages us to take the Lord of life into the whole of life. Whole Life Whole Bible is written from the conviction that God's word illuminates every part of existence, enabling us to see differently and live differently - from Monday to Sunday, in public as well as in private. A walk through the unfolding story of the Bible in 50 readings and reflections shows how our lives are bound up with, and shaped by, God's plan to restore a broken universe. That big story forms our minds, fuels our imaginations and fashions our daily life ad we live in God's world, in the light of God's word, wherever we are.
Product Reviews

Provides wonderful insights into the overarching story of the Bible and helps us consider how to live on the foundation of God's word. Mark Meynell, Senior Associate Minister, All Souls, Langham Place, London Packs a powerful theological punch and will stretch and inspire your faith. A must for every whole-life disciple and disciplemaker! Rachel Gardner, Director, Romance Academy People can get lost in the Bible's structure - here are some exciting clues for joined-up Bible reading. Greg Haslam, Pastor, Westminster Chapel, London From The Good Bookstall - May 2012 I liked that this is such a little hand sized gem. The slimline size is needed, particularly in an era where people are reading from their phones and on their Kindles on the tube. I could just slip it into my handbag and read it easily when on a packed underground, but don't let the size fool you into thinking that this thought-provoking, almost self-help book is easy, or quick to browse! When I first started reading, it struck me that this book was written by somebody who really seemed to know their subject - and indeed, the author, Anthony Billington, is in fact Head of Theology for the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity. I loved that the writing was so theological, and so very sound. In fact, what really struck me was the sheer competence with which the author explored the Bible, from Genesis through to Revelation. At the end of every chapter, there are carefully phrased questions under the heading 'for further reflection and action', which help take the reader through the relevant chapter. These questions also help the reader to relate the Biblical reading to the world around them, and they struck me as being potentially extremely valuable for Bible studies and church groups. This serious little book encourages the reader on their Christian walk with various uplifting Bible verses; and on this point I will add that the book is aimed to pack serious punches. While perhaps Whole Life, Whole Bible is not for somebody looking specifically for a light-and-fluffy concoction, I think that any Christian will surely be more richly satisfied by taking a leaf out of this author's wise words. Reviewed by Alice Collins From Christianity Magazine - July 2012 This book, according to its foreword, is different. A risky assertion, but I tried to be open-minded. The 50 readings, which began life as a series of emails sent by the LICC, work through the Bible story from start to finish. It is well-written, aimed at established Christians, and examines how we can play our part in God's unfolding drama and allow him to work in all parts of our lives. For me its real strength lies in the questions for reflection: How do we keep our Christian identity in the workplace? Why do we struggle to deal with disappointment in church life? I'm not sure how different it is. But as a thought-provoking read that challenges ordinary Christians to live extraordinary lives, it's very good.