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Mon 22 Dec 2014 @ 10:10

Church House Bookshop is open as usual today and tomorrow. We're then closed for Christmas - see you again 5th January 2015!

God's Questions

Vision, Strategy and Growth


This item is currently unavailable.
Publisher: ADBC Publishers
ISBN-13: 9780956657701
Published: 01/10/2010
Product description
Five situations are frequently involved in Christian service: (a) identifying where you are in the overall picture, (b) knowing your priorities and how to implement them, (c) resolving your church’s or agency’s vision and the strategy to make it happen, (d) understanding enough about yourself as a leader to know what you should and can do, and what to avoid, and (e) having the faith to believe that things can change and with it the confidence to start making the impossible happen.

Each of these topics is looked at from the perspective of a key question from the Scriptures: Adam, where are you? Moses, what is that in your hand? Elijah, what are you doing here? Amos, what do you see? Ezekiel, can these dry bones live?
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