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Sat 20 Dec 2014 @ 10:12

New at the bookshop - In God's Hands by Desmond Tutu:

Scripture and Metaphysics

Aquinas and the Renewal of Trinitarian Theology


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ISBN-13: 9781405117340
Published: 03/03/2004
Product description
This book makes a major contribution to contemporary theological and philosophical debates, bridging scriptural and metaphysical approaches to the triune God. * Bridges the gap between scriptural and metaphysical approaches to biblical narratives. * Retrieves Aquinas's understanding of theology as contemplative wisdom. * Structured around Aquinas's treatise on the triune God in his 'Summa Theologiae'. * Argues that intellectual contemplation is part of a broader spiritual journey towards a better understanding of God. * Contributes to the current resurgence of Thomistic theology in both Protestant and Catholic circles.
Product Reviews

"! lucidly written, thoroughly documented, an astonishing achievement." Fergus Kerr OP, Blackfriars, Oxford "A substantive contribution to Trinitarian theology, and an exemplification of how theology ought to be done." William T. Cavanaugh, University of St Thomas "Matthew Levering is not content with merely explaining the genuine teaching of St. Thomas Aquinas but also makes him an active partner in todaya s theological debate. With both a critical mind and a deep sense of Christian tradition, Levering offers the most stimulating introduction to Aquinasa s Trinitarian theology available today." Gilles Emery, OP, Professor of Dogmatic Theology, University of Fribourg " eloquently and clearly setting Aquinas over against many of the most influential voices in theology today, and showing his relevance by liberating him from stereotypicals dismissals, Scripture and Metaphysics lays a path for further investigation that will be fruitful for those who follow it." Journal of Ecclesiastical History

Author Information

Matthew Levering

Matthew Levering is Assistant Professor of Theology at Ave Maria College in Ypsilanti, Michigan. He is the author of Christ's Fulfilment of Torah and Temple (2002), coauthor of Knowing the Love of Christ: An Introduction to the Theology of St. Thomas Aquinas (2002), and coeditor of Reading John with St. Thomas Aquinas (forthcoming). He is the coeditor of the English edition of Nova et Vetera, and serves on the editorial board of the Catholic University of America's Thomas Aquinas in Translation series. He has most recently edited and introduced On the Priesthood: Classic and Contemporary Texts (2003).

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