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Wed 20 Aug 2014 @ 15:46

We have a tent! Our g-books team are hard at work transforming it into a bookshop, ready to open 4pm Friday #gb14

Working from a Place of Rest

Jesus and the Key to Sustaining Ministry


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ISBN-13: 9781841015446
Published: 01/11/2009
Product description
This title encourages busy Christians to learn how to rest in God's presence and find a work/life balance. It shows how we can learn from Jesus' encounter with the woman at the well ("John 4"). It is designed to be particularly helpful for those involved in some kind of ministry, whether voluntary, part- or full-time. The author has established speaking and writing ministry, focusing on retreats/quiet days. It builds on "Mentoring for Spiritual Growth" (reprinting August 09). It is suitable for those who feel life is spinning too fast and they need to relearn a 'Sabbath' principle, people active in church work, in any capacity, mentors and counsellors, and those who enjoy books such as Stephen Cottrell's "Do Nothing to Change Your Life" (Church House, 2007). It explores the importance of learning to combine the demands of active Christian ministry (whether full- or part-time or voluntary) with cultivating a peaceful heart and the ability to rest in the middle of life's busyness. The author uses the context of the 'woman at the well' story from "John 4", examining what we can learn from Jesus' example of being prepared to stop on his journey, listen to God and be guided into unexpected encounters that lead to sharing gospel values and lives transformed.
Product Reviews

This book can help us discern what God wants us to say "yes" to, and when to say "no"; it can help us learn to build margin into our lives so that we work from a place of rest. How are you? Busy? If so, and especially if you do not have time to read books, then this is the book for you. Dr Debbie Hawker, InterHealth From The Good Bookstall - May 2010 This slim book is a precious antidote to the overload excesses that corrode the heart and soul of all who serve Jesus. Tony Horsfall writes with great wisdom and warmth navigating core truths with great faithfulness and fresh insight! The narrative of Jesus and the Samaritan woman are central to explorations offered... I particularly treasured the clarity the author paints of how Jesus said, 'No' to people! Additionally the journey surrounding the cycle of grace offers real help. I would have loved more application, especially surrounding margins and boundaries. Great book offered up by a wise guide! Reviewed by Johnny Douglas

Author Information

Tony Horsfall

Tony Horsfall is a freelance trainer and associate trainer with EQUIP, a missions programme based at Bawtry Hall near Doncaster, England. He is an elder of his local church in West Yorkshire, and , regularly travels abroad leading retreats and Quiet Days. He has written a number of other books for BRF, including Servant Ministry (2013), Rhythms of Grace (2012), Working from a Place of Rest (2010) and Mentoring for Spiritual Growth (2008). He also contributes to New Daylight Bible reading notes.

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