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Sat 20 Dec 2014 @ 10:12

New at the bookshop - In God's Hands by Desmond Tutu:

The Way of the Desert

Daily Bible Readings Through Lent to Easter


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ISBN-13: 9781841017983
Published: 18/11/2011
Product description
Contains 47 Bible readings based on the accounts of the wilderness wanderings from the crossing of the Red Sea to the crossing of the Jordan. This title reflects on how Jesus lived out insights gleaned from the wilderness wanderings - and how we might today. It includes prayers at the end of each section.

Product Reviews

I think that Andrew Watson has an enormously attractive and effective style in opening up the text and making real connections with everyday life. The fruits of scholarship combined with astute understanding of the human condition and the challenges and opportunities that we constantly face. Along with the group discussion guide I think that the text is a rich resource not just for Lent, but for other seasons of Christian study and discernment. The Rt Revd Dr Alastair Redfern, Bishop of Derby This is by far the best Lent book I have ever read. I felt as if I were on a journey with both the children of Israel and with Jesus. The way in which the two stories were interwoven was wonderful. Thank you Andrew and God bless! Reviewed by Rita Cooper I have found Andrew Watson's Lent book very absorbing and enjoyed revising the life of Moses. I will definitely get his other books. Reviewed by Carole Fisher From Lichfield Cathedral Bookshop - January 2012 Now we have for Lent The Way of the Desert by Andrew Watson, Bishop of Aston. Here are Bible Readings printed out in full, accompanied by deeply thoughtful and interesting comments, particularly relevant to today's world... From The Good Bookstall - January 2012 This year's BRF Lent book includes group study material as usual. I have not attempted to read all through this book - I have kept that treat till Lent, but the first few chapters caught my attention and kept me reading. Not the way you are intended to approach this book. Reading each designated passage as a daily discipline throughout Lent, and there is a reading for Easter Day as well, would be infinitely more rewarding than rushing through as a reviewer. The theme throughout is looking at Jesus' life and ministry alongside Israel's time in the desert until their entry into the promised land. Read the introduction to see how Andrew Watson has approached this subject and why. The result is a closer look at both stories than most of us have undertaken before. We are led into new thoughts and insights that will enrich our faith - but need time to ponder upon. This is where sharing in a group can be such a positive experience. I have browsed through the prayers at the end of each chapter, and as I have thought before when looking at similar books, these could be usefully gathered together into a little book of prayers on their own. Nearly all are written by the author and based on particular verses in the Bible, they form an integral part of the daily offering. This book is special and highly recommended. Reviewed by Mary Bartholomew

Author Information

Andrew Watson

Andrew Watson is Bishop of Aston, and author of The Fourfold Leadership of Jesus (BRF 2008), Confidence in the Living God (BRF, 2009) and The Way of the Desert (BRF, 2011), a Lent book. In a five-star review of the Confidence book, Christianity magazine writes of Watson's 'searching biblical investigation, revealing character portraits, lively anecdotes, relevant application and readable style', which make this 'an outstanding expository book which is anchored in the real world'. The Way of the Desert brings these same qualities to the story of Moses and the Exodus.

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