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Tue 23 Dec 2014 @ 17:00

Church House Bookshop is now closed for Christmas - we reopen 5th January. Have a blessed Christmas!

Quiet Mind

Uniting Body, Mind and Emotions in Christian Spirituality


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ISBN-13: 9781846945076
Published: 29/07/2011
Product description
This book approaches issues of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well being in a unique way within the Christian Tradition. It does so in an accessible and practical manner with techniques and exercises for the reader which have all been tried and tested by the author. Eva McIntyre weaves together personal story, psychology, theology and theatre skills to equip the reader to be able to reach that most desired yet elusive goal; peace of mind. The approach is that of encouragement and reassurance and you're not expected to get it right all at once. Nor is this a one size fits all programme. On the contrary; it provides the tools and permission for each person to find his or her own way to a quiet mind. A Quiet Mind tackles the dark corners of Christian tradition where it has been used to reinforce negative self image and lack of personal spiritual freedom. It encourages the reader to believe in her or his spiritual instinct and to use the techniques it contains to free the spirit from the constraints of dogma and self doubt.
Product Reviews

This is a powerful book, because it is the fruit of lived experience. It is a necessary book because many people struggle with their minds in isolation, believing (as Eva did) that no one else feels the same. It is an important book because, with the authority of priesthood, Eva gives implicit permission for others to recount their stories and thereby be healed in the telling. (Simon Small, Author of 'From the Bottom of the Pond)

Author Information

Eva McIntyre

Eva is a storyteller, actor, songwriter and priest, as well as a writer. She has 25 years' experience of working alongside people on their journeys towards spiritual and emotional healthiness.

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