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Sat 20 Dec 2014 @ 10:12

New at the bookshop - In God's Hands by Desmond Tutu:

St.Gargoyle's Diet


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ISBN-13: 9781853116520
Published: 30/09/2005
Product description
You can't keep a good congregation down - they are at it again in the C of E's zaniest parish, but what is going on? The Oxford English Dictionary gives 17 alternative meanings for the word diet. Are they thinking of Luther's Diet of Worms and staging their own theological conferences? Well, yes, if the much tattooed and studded Jason Orrell asking what car Jesus drove (and concluding it was probably a Fiesta) counts as theological enquiry. Or have they all become disciples of Dr Atkins? There's a bit of that going on too, what with the quota going up and the roof tiles coming down and a sponsored slim seeming like a good idea. Catch up with your favourite characters - and learn some theology along the way - with this latest St Gargoyle's epic.
Author Information


'RON' is a parish priest in rural Wiltshire and is well-known as the cartoonist on the Church Times. His St Gargoyle's Calendars sell out every year. This is his fourth St Gargoyle's book and follows on from A Year At St Gargoyle's, Lord Have Mercy, It's Another Year at St Gargoyle's and The Secret Diary of St Gargoyle's, Aged 847 3/4. Before becoming a priest he was a graphic designer.