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Sat 20 Dec 2014 @ 10:12

New at the bookshop - In God's Hands by Desmond Tutu:

Intercessor's Guide

How to Plan, Write and Lead Intercessory Prayers


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ISBN-13: 9781853117916
Published: 24/05/2007
Product description

Intercessory prayer is a key part of the liturgy of the Eucharist. Intercessory prayers need to reflect a response to the preached Word and topical concern for the world and need to be prepared afresh for each service. Intercessory prayer is also known as 'the prayer of the people' and is often said by a member of the congregation, not a priest. For anyone with this ministry in their local church, here is a complete companion handbook that includes: a simple theology of intercessory prayer; an explanation of its purpose within the liturgy and its relation to the readings of the day; the difference between public and personal prayer; a guide to writing intercessory prayers that connect with the whole service; technical advice: use of language, addressing God, vocal expression; common errors to avoid: excessive length or detail, breaches of confidence; prayerful preparation; using other resources; developing a personal style; and, ready to use intercessory prayers.

Product Reviews

What a useful little book this is! In a few short pages, it manages to advise and reassure those who have been called by God - or roped in by the vicar - to lead the prayers during a service. What should be a privilege all too often becomes a source of anxiety. Parish News, September 2007

Author Information

Raymond Chapman

Raymond Chapman is the author of many widely-used books of prayer and devotion including Leading Intercessions, Hear Our Prayer, and A Pastoral Prayer Book. He was a Vice-Chairman of the Prayer Book Society, Emeritus Professor of English Literature in the University of London, and a greatly loved priest in the diocese of Southwark. He died in 2013.

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