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Mon 22 Sep 2014 @ 12:07

Our big summer sale ends on Friday - don't miss out!

Regeneration and Renewal

The Church in New and Changing Communities


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ISBN-13: 9781853118005
Published: 27/06/2007
Offer ends: 26/09/2014
Product description

Regeneration is happening everywhere. Eye-watering amounts of capital resources are being poured into transforming pockets of urban deprivation and neglect to bring new and vigorous life to places and communities. Yet not all regeneration results in renewal. Many regeneration schemes principally seem to benefit the wealthy and prosperous, and isolation can persist behind a glass and stainless steel facade.

The church is in the business of regeneration and renewal too. Here, fourteen local church and community leaders reflect on the opportunities they had to build spiritual capital around major regeneration initiatives in their parishes. They reflect on the potential for mission among te glittering tower blocks of a new financial district, on a traditional housing estate undergoing a makeover, on brand new residential developments and in increasingly mixed communities - and explore the renewing effects of prophetic involvement and activity on local churches themselves.

For all churches looking for realistic, theologically informed, practical ways to serve their local communities, Regeneration and Renewal will provide a fund of inspiration and ideas.

Product Reviews

There are important essays on good information gathering, project development and the biggest regeneration project of all-Thames Gateway.  I found myself inspired by the commitment of all the essayists and their achievements. This is important reading for all those faced with major regeneration in their parishes and dioceses.Stephen Lowe,  Bishop of Hulme and Bishop for Urban Life and Faith  

Author Information

Malcolm Torry

MALCOLM TORRY is Team Rector of East Greenwich and all the contributors are local clergy or lay church leaders.

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