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Mon 22 Dec 2014 @ 10:10

Church House Bookshop is open as usual today and tomorrow. We're then closed for Christmas - see you again 5th January 2015!

My Pew

The Things I Have Seen from it - More Dave Walker Cartoons


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ISBN-13: 9781853118999
Published: 31/07/2008
Product description
'My Pew: Things I Have Seen From It' is Dave's second cartoon collection and in it he reveals: the five worst places to sit in church, reasons to shut your eyes during a sermon, what the church can learn from the retail sector, clergy washing lines - what you can discover from them, sharing the peace - a handy mathematical formula, a tried and tested reality tv method for appointing a new vicar, a guide to deciding whether to go to church or watch the football. In addition, this publication is distinguished by including what may be the world's only wordless book introduction.
Product Reviews

'Walker's style is typically English understated humour, innocent and drawing humour from very ordinary things and situations in life. This is an ideal book for occasional browsing. It is best enjoyed bit by bit'. Church of Ireland Gazette, October 2008

Author Information

Dave Walker

Dave Walker works as an artist, illustrator and tutor. He has produced the illustrations for a number of works including What am I Doing Here?.

Author Interview
Dave Walker started drawing cartoons during lectures at Bible College and eventually swapped essay writing for a life in humour. His Guide to the Church cartoons appear each week in the Church Times and he writes and draws a daily blog on its website . Being quite good at computers too, his creative community sites and keep a significant number of church attendees sane – an achievement that undoubtedly led to his being invited to become Cartoonist in Residence at the 2008 Lambeth Conference. Here, Dave speaks to us about  his cartoons, Lambeth Conference 2008 and his future projects.1 You are perhaps best known for your cartoons on church life. This is quite a unique gifting, so how did you get into this? I've always enjoyed drawing, but I first started drawing cartoons whilst at Bible college. I found it more interesting than writing essays. I used to stick them on the door of my study bedroom for passers-by to peruse. People kept stopping to look so I kept on drawing them. I started drawing professionally in early 2005. 2 Are your cartoons just to show the ‘quirks’ in the Church of England, or do you have a deeper goal behind your work? Some of my work has a deeper message, but a lot of it is just me having fun. For me making the reader laugh is the most important thing. I tend to draw about the Church of England as I have had a lot of experience of it, but I hope that people of other denominations (or none) can enjoy what I do too. I do sometimes draw about things that frustrate me - it is a kind of therapy for me - but it tends to result in some of my better work. I hope that I communicate the things that are good about the church as well as the aspects that are easy to laugh at, of which there are many. 3 You are going to be Cartoonist in Residence at the Lambeth Conference. What does this role mean and what are you looking forward to at Lambeth? The idea is that I'll be helping to communicate what is happening in an accessible way to the wider world. I will be producing cartoons based on the events of the conference and also doing some drawing in the public areas of the University campus in Canterbury, where the conference is to be held. It is a huge privilege to be asked to undertake such a role. I'm looking forward to talking to people there and hearing their views on current Anglican-goings-on. I aim to produce work that people with a range of viewpoints within Anglicanism can appreciate, but I don't know whether I always succeed. 4 What projects are you currently working on at the moment? Are you planning another book?  There will be another book in the summer. This will feature more cartoons from my 'Dave Walker Guide to the Church' series which appears in the Church Times. I have also been working on my Canterbury Press calendar for 2009 and illustrations for a book 'What am I doing here - a beginners Guide to Church', by Hilary Brand (Church House Publishing). I'm also writing daily entries on the Church Times blog and hope now to have some time to add some new material to my own site, Dave Walker’s new book ‘My Pew: things I have seen from it’ is available now from Canterbury Press, Click here to purchase your copy.  His 2009 Calendar ‘The Dave Walker Guide to the Church Calendar 2009’ is also available to buy, just click here.
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