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Tue 23 Dec 2014 @ 17:00

Church House Bookshop is now closed for Christmas - we reopen 5th January. Have a blessed Christmas!

Ocean at Home

An Illustrated History of the Aquarium


This item is currently unavailable.
Publisher: Reaktion Books
ISBN-13: 9781861898166
Published: 25/03/2011
Product description
The mysterious world beneath the ocean's surface has captivated man for centuries - the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and ancient Chinese all kept fish in their homes for purposes other than the culinary. But it was not until the nineteenth-century invention of the aquarium that the deep was truly domesticated, offering the curiously inclined a chance to invent their very own exotic sea world under their own roof. In this fascinating history of the aquarium, Bernd Brunner traces the development of this most wonderful invention, giving insight into the cultural and social circumstances that accompanied its swift rise in popularity. Brunner tells a compelling story of obsession, beauty, discovery and delight, from the aquarium's humble origins as a tool for scientific observation to the Victorian era's elaborately decorated containers of oceanic curiosity, to the great public aquaria of the twentieth century. At the end he raises questions about the ethics of maintaining marine aquaria in the light of ecological concerns.
Product Reviews

'[Brunner's] cultured but unpretentious style carries with it a real sense of the Victorian drawing room, an impression reinforced by the wealth of contemporary engravings he has chosen to illustrate his text.' Times Literary Supplement 'A fascinating book.' San Francisco Chronicle 'Fascinating and beautifully illustrated ... a fun and educational read.' Environmental Magazine

Author Information

Bernd Brunner

Bernd Brunner is a Berlin-based writer. He is the author of Bears: A Brief History (2007), Moon: A Brief History (2010), and has written extensively for print and television.

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