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Thu 18 Dec 2014 @ 12:47

Ideas for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity next month: #WPCU2015

Free Church Times for students

Take advantage of this special Student offer from our colleagues at the Church Times:

Whether you're studying a theology degree or training for the ministry - whatever your denomination - you need to be well informed about the wider Church and the world. What could be more effortless than the weekly arrival of the Church Times through your letterbox - FREE.

News and comment about important events, help with the weekly sermon, and, when the time comes, details of the next job.

If you are a higher education student, you will get a free copy of the paper for a month. If you are an ordinand who is training for the ministry, you are eligible to get a free copy for the duration of your training. It's that simple and there is no catch. Plus there is no obligation to take the paper for longer than you need to.

Just contact the Church Times with the following details: your name, address, institution/training name, course title and the start and end date of your course.

Call the Church Times on 01603 785911


Or visit to view an online sample copy.

Please quote CTSTU14 if you are a higher education student.

Please quote CTORD14 if you are an ordinand-in-training.